Holly is a certified KORU Mindfulness instructor providing 4-week programs that teach 

mindfulness and meditation. 

While specifically designed for young adults, the KORU curriculum benefits adults of any age!  



Holly is the author of TaikoMIND - a curriculum which integrates mindfulness skills while learning to play taiko drums.  TaikoMIND combines Holly's love of taiko with her expertise as an instructor, and her passion for sharing mindfulness.

Holly has been providing TaikoMIND workshops, artist-in-residence programs, and professional development training to children and adults throughout Arizona.



Holly is a certified  Yoga Calm Instructor who incorporates movement, social emotional learning (SEL) activities and mindfulness practices  

in a PreK-12 curriculum.

Multi-week programs that highlight movement and mindfulness are available.



 Holly has  been trained in the Mindful Schools curriculum which provides effective practices that can be integrated into the PreK-12 school day and adapted for diverse environments.  School programs that incorporate key concepts from the Mindful Schools curriculum are available.



Holly is a certified facilitator of Beat the Odds®, 

"an evidence-based and trauma-informed program that integrates activities from group drumming and group counseling to build core strengths such as focusing, listening, team building, leadership,  

         expressing feelings, managing anger/stress,                       

                         empathy, and gratitude."                                                               

Beat the Odds is a program of UCLArts and Healing.  



 Throughout her career, Holly has worked with students with a wide variety of learning challenges in special and general education classrooms.  In addition, she has provided educational services in a treatment center with adolescents who were working to address trauma, addiction, and behavioral health issues.

Holly is a certified K-12 educator in Arizona.



 Holly’s interest in teaching mindfulness is inspired by her work in schools. Challenges related to focus, attention, anxiety, social skills and behavioral health issues have increased in classrooms. Holly has successfully introduced students to mindfulness practices with positive impacts on school success, attention, social interactions and personal responsibility.  

Holly's personal mindfulness and meditation practice has enhanced the quality of her life and supported her efforts to manage stress and increase well-being.  She has taken the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course, attended 10-day silent meditation courses, and completed a variety of courses with Mindful Schools and the Center for Adolescent Studies that focus on mindfulness practices and working with trauma.

At the same time that Holly embraced a mindfulness practice in earnest, she started playing taiko - Japanese ensemble drumming.  Everything about learning to play taiko had connections to mindfulness.  In the last decade, each practice has continued to evolve and influence the other.   Since 2009,  she has been performing at festivals, concerts and special events in and around Tucson as a Community Group member of Odaiko Sonora.


Holly's taiko training has been transformative. Though she’d spent 35+ years teaching children, she realized that she had not been a truly novel learner since starting first grade.  She was amazed at all that taiko taught her beyond the drums.  Before taiko she knew nothing about music or performance art.   She states, "I am grateful that taiko broke open a part of me that I hadn’t yet discovered.  Music, festivals and artistic expression were all new discoveries for me and rich additions to my life."


Ten years later, Holly was convinced that there must be a way to bring taiko and mindfulness to the world, and thus she wrote the TaikoMIND curriculum…an exciting endeavor that combines her love of taiko with her expertise as an instructor, and her passion for sharing mindfulness. Integrating the two has been a powerful way to utilize her skills and teach life lessons that reach beyond any classroom setting. 

Providing workshops and school programs has been exciting, meaningful, creative work. Children and adults consistently report the benefit of their participation.